When I was in the 6th grade I covered every visible inch of my bedroom walls with pages torn from Rolling Stone, Thrasher, Hit Parader, and any other “radical” magazine I could get my hands on. I lost count after about 322 pages and 1334 staples. I refused to put any on the ceiling, because that was just silly.

I hardly remember any of those ads. Except one.

There was an ad for Anarchy Skateboards. A punch-you-in-the-face yellow, full-page ad that had one small line of type in the center of the page…”Forget This Ad”.

I never did. Been a visualist ever since.

Several years after co-founding and being creative director at The Nova Project in Los Angeles, I put things in a box, put that box in a truck and parked that truck in San Francisco.

I'm currently serving up fresh hot freelance.

Forget you ever read this.

Gimme a ring : (three one zero) 913 1904